About Us

Zibo Biz-Harmony International Co., Ltd, abbreviated as Biz-Harmony, is an experienced export supplier, majoring in grinding tools, abrasives, polishing materials, personal protection equipments, LED lights, etc.

Our advantage over other big producers is that we, although traders, have the ability large enough to provide a first international level of service with a stable and quick delivery of all the products we deal with no matter how small or large the quantity is from a few tons/pcs to full containers . All the producers we cooperate with have consistent quality and competitive prices with a long history of export.

Our philosophy is to develop a long term mutual cooperation to be a strong base to our customers in China.


Tel: 0086-533-3117230 Fax: 0086-533-3117231 Postal Code: 255084 Email: biz@biz-harmony.net
Add: Shan Dong Sheng Zi Bo Shi Lian Tong Lu 84 Hao C Zuo 402 Shi. China