Pink Aluminum Oxide(PA)

imageFeatures: The hardness of it is similar to that of whiter aluminum oxide, but its toughness is slightly higher than that of the latter. The edges of its grains are sharp and can be kept well. It is also of high durability.

Application: It is suitable for the grinding of chilled steel, cutting tools and workpieces of alloy steel as well as the precision grinding of measuring tools and parts of instruments and apparatus, etc.

Physical Characteristics
Item Pink Aluminum Oxide
Basic mineral α--Al2O3
Crystal Color Pink
True Density >3.90g/cm3
Bulk density 1.40-1.91g/cm3
Mohs hardness 9
Knoop Hardness 2200-2300kg/mm2
Grit Low Chromium Medium Chromium High Chromium
Al2O3 Cr2O3 Na2O Al2O3 Cr2O3 Na2O Al2O3 Cr2O3 Na2O
F12-F80 ≥98.50 0.2-0.45 ≤0.50 ≥98.50 0.45-1.00 ≤0.50 ≥97.40 1.00-2.00 ≤0.55
F90-F150 ≥98.50 ≤0.55 ≥98.20 ≤0.60 ≥97.00 ≤0.60
F180-F220 ≥98.00 ≤0.60 ≥97.80 ≤0.70 ≥96.50 ≤0.70

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